About my work

“My work starts from fiction. A story triggered the Series ‘Ciudades Iniciáticas’.

Without academic artistic training and with resistance to learn to draw methodically, I found myself experimenting with paper and photographs. I learned the technique by playing with photoshop images, duplicating them, deforming them, inverting them and then composing on the canvas.

The cities led the curiosity that motivated my work. The windows illuminated at dusk by the life that is guessed inside the houses, or apartments, or clothes hanging on the terraces. These same images were also a testimony to the overcrowding and emptiness, the noise of the highways and the disruption of construction sites. Still desolate, these fragments of cities reveal social contrasts. They coexist within ruins and modernity.

The buildings move, they are sometimes in the air, the perspective can be inverted, the houses turned ... They overwhelm, they are uninhabitable. It is difficult to breathe ... However, they resist ... There is a path, there are networks, there are possible routes.

The collage, which decomposes and reassembles the fragments of an image, surprisingly and unconsciously accompanied my experience with language.

From such an extensive experience, surely the conviction is sustained that playing with certain elements, testing, striking, sometimes stopping, inevitably produces a result that is at the same time original and familiar.”

Nora Busti is an Argentine visual artist who works on collage and painting media, creating unique abstract compositions, based on a technique refined by juxtapositions of planes, textures and the contrast between geometries and organic elements.

Her work explores the study of cities as a space of segregation and alienation, loaded with icons and symbols rooted in our popular imagination. Through these concepts, Nora Busti redefines these urban spaces - sometimes transited and in other fictions - in paradoxical universes that challenge our perspective with multiple visual games and metamorphoses that touch the oneiric, creating impossible figures.

Busti has a degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires, and attended private psychoanalysis institutions with professionals who complemented her practices of psychoanalysis.

In parallel to her profession as a psychoanalyst, in the year 2010, she began her training in the visual arts with artist Laura Messing, developing studies in painting and later in experimental techniques. In 2013 she participated in the School of Projects for Artists, with the Professors Manuel Amestoy and Augusto Zanella.

Among her relevant exhibitions are: '32 artistas' in the Espacio de la Ribera (2011), and 'Los desconocidos de siempre' in the Gallery Mosaik (2012), both in Buenos Aires. In 2015 she participated in the BADA Art Fair, Buenos Aires.

Busti is currently working on printing techniques on canvas and stamps.

Lives and works in Buenos Aires.

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